Fashion | Management


Treehouse Trading Post
Los Angeles, CA  February 2019 – PRESENT

Deep passion and dedication to sustainable fashion, trying to shift current shopping trends away from wasteful fast-fashion to a more circular, responsible, no-waste fashion culture. We upcycle, recycle, redistribute, and resell everything from vintage to current street trends, timeless, genderless, ageless classics, festival finds and more, trying to keep clothing out of the landfills by repairing, reinvesting in, and ultimately reselling clothing we can give another life. Along with a mix of music, art, books, and whatever other pieces that find their way to us, from Hollywood to Bollywood, our store is collection of culture, the community that contributes, carefully crafted second-hand clothing. From all clothing donated to us and sold, we donate part of our proceeds to children programs and community workshops teaching people the skills necessary to mend their own relationship with fashion.


Los Angeles, CA  February 2019 – Present

Serves as a mentor to the Poshmark community, helping to welcome new members, connect, follow, and share fellow users closets, to promote growth and ensure strong sense of community. A trustworthy seller, with reliable communication, accurate product pictures and descriptions, quick shipping, and love notes are just a couple things that earn the prestigious Ambassador status. As Ambassador, I strive to be the best representation of Poshmark, so that all users and customers have a positive experience. With that, I maintain a 5-star rating, always make sure communication with users is considerate, patient and understanding, and continue to be an active user; with daily shares, 450+ listings, and nearly 34k followers.


Buffalo Exchange
Los Angeles, CA  April 2018 – June 2019

Buyer for store inventory–selection, pricing, processing. Evaluating the overall desirability, quality, and current inventory levels ensure high turnover and sales. Visual merchandising based on customer buying trends, upcoming seasonal styles, and always knowing what will be fast sellers. Consistent in-store buy training and promotions. Additional visual merchandising, cashier duties, and training new hires. Extensive customer service–one of the top grossing stores in the country due to effective buying, high energy in the store. Chosen as the LA representative for the company’s 2019 Employee Advisory Committee.


Robin Sipkins | Sarah + Jeb Brody
West Hollywood, CA March 2011- PRESENT

HBO—David Benioff + Amanda Peet   
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK  September 2017- Dec. 2017

Required to travel and live abroad for 6 months of the year for nannying–with a priority on child care & providing a fun dose of TLC, and a high-pressure, fast-paced assistant job delegated in between. Experience includes but not limited to: coordinating daily schedules and monthly calendars, driving between appointments, classes and events, conducted multiple grades of tutoring including writing and test prep, research based projects, created after-school homework clubs for friends, music lessons, etc. Able to troubleshoot emotional dilemmas, as well excellent organizational skills in order to prioritize needs of individuals as well as the household and personal work load. Additional responsibilities included: driving (clean record), event planning, cooking, cleaning, on-call and expected to respond to emails immediately, and work extended hours. Completed CPR certification courses (luckily never having to use it). Skills: Time-management, extensive technical skills, keeping composure in high-pressure fast-paced situations, quick-thinking, highly creativity and effective at solving problems, easy-going flexibility, great at multi-tasking, strong resiliency, maturity, and intuition, collaborates well with others, promotes peace within every situation, setting, person, and self.


Summer Institute for Kids, CEE
West Hollywood, CA June 2014 – August 2016

Assistant to the program director for six week summer program hosting students 1st – 6th grade. Duties include registering, scheduling, and accepting payment for incoming summer students. Creating and keeping summer calendar. Correspondence with teachers and parents via phone and e-mail. Organization of office paperwork filing system and online database. Ensuring overall functionality and smooth operation of daily camp activities for teachers, parents, additional staff, and campers.


Monica’s Boutique
Westwood, CA August 2007-April 2012

Managed designer boutique to ensure a positive, productive work environment and high-quality customer experience. Oversaw and trained employees, coordinated monthly schedule, maintained financial records, and daily store log. Visual merchandising for front and side window displays, as well as all creative marketing within store to ensure efficacy of sales. Worked closely with management/buyers to do purchasing due to understanding of customer demographics and latest trends. Demonstrated strong customer service, leadership, responsibility, and communication skills.