Hired Private Education
West Hollywood, CA August 2020-December 2020

Hired during the COVID-19 pandemic, to run a safe, private, early childhood preschool pod, consisting of four, 3-4 year old boys. Circle time was used for age-appropriate instruction, and all science and art and academia was taught through play. Each day, dramatic play and active free-play outside, was balanced with the calming energy of quiet time, meditation, puzzles, painting/coloring, and reading. The focus was on emotional intelligence, identifying and navigating their feelings. How to handle frustration, hurt feelings, conflict resolution, sharing, having to say sorry, and resiliently bouncing back from meltdowns. They started working on letter recognition, along with how to combine those letter sounds together to form words, how to count one object at a time, including fingers and how to use their fingers to add. We talked a lot about our natural world including bugs, seeds/plants, seasons, the colors of the rainbow, light, color mixing, and worked on Spanish vocabulary. They are aware about littering and know to clean up their own trash so it doesn’t pollute the environment. They are learning about setting boundaries in kind ways, and how important it is to respect others boundaries.


The Center for Early Education
West Hollywood, CA March 2015-2019

Substitute teacher for all grades/classes. California Basic Educational Skills Test™ (CBEST®) qualified. Long-term position in Early Childhood program; regular sub in Kindergarten through 6th grade classrooms, and specialist classes including: art, physical education, science, and technology.  


Summer Institute for Kids, CEE
West Hollywood, CA June 2014 – August 2017

Developed all curriculum and taught classes (1st-6th grade) in engaging classes that are not only fun and exciting, but also cultivate creativity, curiosity, innovation, teamwork, and knowledge about topics ranging from technology, to sustainability and responsible practices for our planet and society, as well as art, science and math.

Classes included: Web Design,
Computer Coding/ Programming,
All-Age Algebra,
InventNow: Trash Island (recycling and reusing to create an invention for reducing waste),
Community Service,
Gardening, Baking, Camp DIY, Cheerleading + Teambuilding, Inventor’s Workshop.

REFERENCE: Susan McCarthy, Program Director “Summer at the Center” formerly known as Summer Institute for Kids


The Center for Early Education
                                 West Hollywood, CA   August 2016

Ran as a (two) week daycare/camp for CEE’s faculty and staff children during the preparatory period before the school year begins. Developed due to popular demand from parents and kids alike, Kamp Kayla was organized and operated single-handedly. Children as young as Pre-K all the way up through 6th grade, interact in a diverse range of activities, appropriate for all ages. Daily activities included themed dress-up and dramatic play, games to encourage strategic thinking and teamwork, visits to the Innovation Lab where we “make something that does something” or work together on group art projects for creativity as well as cooperation, team-building and games, reading, writing, and even nap time and movie time–because… summer!


CIEE/OEG Teach in Thailand, Kururatrangsarit School
Ratchaburi, Thailand October 2015 – March 2016

Taught English as a foreign language at an all Thai secondary school in rural Thailand. Developed all original curriculum, worksheets, quizzes, and exams. Lead teacher for English Club. Specifically worked with Thai students on conversational English language, grammatical accuracy, pronunciation, and increasing vocabulary. Knowledge of TEFL strategies and Thai teacher training provided by CIEE/OEG, including country orientation and cultural familiarization. Developed basic understanding of Thai language, and lifelong joy of traveling and teaching in new places.

“CIEE creates opportunities that help bring people together, by fostering the development of understanding and mutual respect between communities and nations, and by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences. Students, teachers, and young professionals from across the world are able to gain skills that make them active and responsible global citizens.”


The Center for Early Education
West Hollywood, CA   August 2012 – June 2014

Closely assisted all master teachers in the 6th grade team. Co-developed and instructed accelerated math program. Oversaw technology classes including typing, digital citizenship and an introduction to coding. Maintained all student records and managed class webpage/student blog. Point person for all communication to and from sixth graders and their families.  Served as role model, confidant, and encouragement for our eldest students to excel beyond the books and be role models and leaders for our community’s core values: responsibility, respect, inclusion, honesty in order to be outstanding applicants for middle school (and life).  Assisted in a big year-end, student-written musical production for graduation.


Summer Transition Program, CEE
West Hollywood, CA June 2011 – August 2012

Worked with the students entering Early Childhood Programs through Kindergarten, helping transition students into a full-day school schedule. Provided students with a mix of fun recreational activities, field trips around Los Angeles, as well as academia involving units on art, different regions of the world, etc.